Olipicker, rear-mounted three-point hitch machine for olive harvesting.

• Quality and integrity of the harvest.
• Safety of plants.
• Safety and operator satisfaction.
• Continuous rotation of the turret.
• Continuous rotation of the comb head.
• Foot control for turret rotation.
• Foot control for the first arm.
• Suspended seat with ladder to aid in ascent and descent.

• Lever to cloche mounted on the side of the seat.
• Quick return on investment for the farm.

Patent N. 0001370188 of February 02, 2010
Patent N. 0001377941 of July 30, 2010

The new patented tooth which, with its particular shape improves considerably the detachment of the fruit and decreases the impact on the plant.

Technical data


Tractor powerHP 50-60
Total weight in running orderKg 820
Maximum heightmt 9
Max arm lengthmt 7

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